Bookmarks, posters, and reading journals are available. The Committee hopes you will take advantage of these items to promote the Maine Readers’ Choice Award.  For those wishing to host book groups using these titles, we have linked to several resources for each title.

Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers

Discussion Questions

Guide 1: Ask Bestsellers

Guide 2: Lit Lovers

Guide 3: Reading Group Guides

Podcast Interviews

Diane Rehm Show September 25, 2012

The Guardian (UK) November 29, 2012

The New York Times Book Review October 5, 2012

PBS News Hour October 4, 2012

A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash

Discussion Questions

Guide 1: Harper Collins, Inc.

Guide 2: Lit Lovers

Guide 3: Wiley Cash (with Video)

Podcast Interviews

Blog Talk Radio March 8, 2013

WYPL Radio’s  Author Interview Program June 23, 2012

UNC TV Book Watch

 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Discussion Questions

Guide 1: Lit Lovers

Guide 2: Ask Bestsellers

Guide 3: Random House, Inc.

Podcast Interviews

YouTube/Richard and Judy Book Club (UK) May 9, 2013

NPR Books June 5, 2012

YouTube “The Interview Show” August 29, 2012




  1. Kathleen Kramer - June 19, 2013

    Harrison Village Library is hosting a Summer Book Club for Adults to read and discuss the three finalists for the MRCA. The library is providing copies of the book for club members to borrow, and we’ll meet once a month in June, July, and August to discuss the books. The resources page has given us lots of support: we’ve provided a Book Journal for members to make notes in (and it can serve as their ballot as well), and all members get a copy of talking points gleaned from the author interviews listed on the resources page. I’ve personally found these links very helpful in creating discussion questions!

    We began last weekend with a discussion of The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers; I think everyone involved agreed they probably wouldn’t have picked up this book to read for pleasure, but most were very glad to have read it. Next up: Gone Girl!

  2. Mamie Anthoine Ney - July 17, 2013

    The Auburn Public Library is getting ready to launch its MRCA program. We’ve been displaying the books for a few weeks on a special shelf and they are flying out of here.

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