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Sartego Mens SQQ45 Land Master Rubber Band Quartz Watch

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Sartego Mens SQQ45 Land Master Rubber Band Quartz Watch Description

Men’s rubber band watch, luminous hands and markers with date function Sarrano Telo Gomez was born in 1835 in Sariego, city Asturias, Spain, into a watchmaker’s family which consisted of 12 siblings. Sarrano was the sixth sibling and was the creative child within the family. Sarrano had a charming smile and innocent blue eyes that won everybody’s heart even his father’s. At school, Sarrano was given a nickname Sartego (short form for his long name Sarrano Telo Gomez). He loved his new name and introduced himself to others as Sartego rather than his real name.At a young age, Sartego was very dedicated more to watch making rather than playing with his friends. Every day, after returning from school, Sartego could only be found in the basement of his house helping his father in watch making. Sartego learned the basic mechanical skills from his father. However, he already had the artistic and creative skills in designing unique watches. He even impressed his father who was an experienced watchmaker. At the age of 12, Sartego put together is first watch, which he wore throughout his lifetime.At the age of 18 Sartego had collected enough money to make a trip to the heart of the watch making world-Switzerland. It was his fathers’ dream to make a Sartego a Spaniard with watch making talents that would be known around the world for ‘Quality and the art of time-keeping.’ Sartego was sent to Neufchatel, Switzerland where Sartego’s father had a friend named Van Der Lehures who was also in the watch making industry and ran a small workshop of 20 people. Mr. Lehures accepted Sartego as an apprentice into his watch making business. There Sartego learned all his skills of making outstanding timepieces. Sartego had surprised many big watch manufacturers in Switzerland and was a being offered jobs he had always dreamt of.In 1865, Sartego married a young charming lady named Ana Lucia. She gave birth to two sons by the name of Fernando Sartego Gomez and Harold Sartego Gomez. It was 1875 when Sartego received the sad news of his father’s poor health. With the love of his father in his heart, Sartego left back for Spain and met his father a few days before he died. Sartego’s father handed over a key to the basement door and asked Sartego to carry on the family tradition of watch making and to create a name in the watch industry that would make Spain proud. Sartego kept up that promise and turned his basement into a watch making workshop. He employed passionate young men and women to become heirs of the Spanish watch making industry.1901 was a mourning year, as Sartego, who once was the time-keeper (forefather) of Spain’s watch industry has passed away in his deep sleep. He was still wearing the same watch that he had made when he was twelve years old. Until today, Sartego watches are known for ‘Quality and the art of time-keeping’ within the international watch industry for the sophisticated and the world class movements used in making Sartego watches. Sartego’s sons Fernando and Harold carry on the life long tradition of making Sartego ‘Quality and Luxury Timepieces.’

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