Joshua & Sons Mens Quartz Metal and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: JS-45-SS)

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Joshua & Sons Mens Quartz Metal and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: JS-45-SS) Description

This men’s Joshua & Sons timepiece will give any outfit a bold finish. A comfortable genuine leather strap and precise chronograph dial accompanied by silver-tone and luminous hands make this stunning timepiece perfect for any event regardless of time of day. During the latter half of the twentieth century fashion had become international with boundaries blurred. Popular styles in America were adopted all over the world while designers from abroad had a profound impact on couture in the United States. At the same time in America, a subculture was taking root from within the inner city spawning its own expressions. Hip-hop is the culture from which so many colorful and eye-popping styles emerged; and because of its all-inclusive aspect, this urban trend allowed oneself to inject his (or her) own personality. There were no real set rules… except to be original! It is a lifestyle that is continuously evolving with its driving force being people’s desire to be seen and heard. Across the pond, London has long been the center of fashion in the United Kingdom boasting a wide range of international styles integrated with a modern British influence. Smart and innovative, British design has recently has become rather unconventional, blending traditional styles with modern techniques. In the world of men’s timepieces Joshua & Sons, with roots steeped in London vogue, embodies a unique trans-Atlantic fusion of American urban design and the latest European watch-making technology. Creating looks in timepieces that bring to mind the styling’s of the music, entertainment, fashion and sports worlds, Joshua & Sons positions itself as the everyman’s “inner star” timepiece. With its “launch-model” being the ever-popular Triple Time Zone Multi-color oversized watch, Joshua & Sons burst onto the American timepiece scene in 2004. The early success of a watch that would dare to tell time in three time zones simultaneously without the “high ticket-price” that usually would accompany such a technically advanced timepiece opened the door for Joshua & Sons to expand into similarly colorful designs with even more advanced technology. Watches with fully decorated mechanical automatic engines, multiple complications, chronographs, and even brasher, bolder case designs all with a distinctly “jolly good” flavor were quick to follow. At Joshua & Sons, as the new millennium evolves in the twenty-first century, so to does the fusion of eclectic fashion, urban trends, and technology with a commitment to creating unique artistic wristwatches for men who wish to show their individuality. See all Product description

Joshua & Sons Mens Quartz Metal and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: JS-45-SS) buy

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