The list season is fully upon us now, and local and national media outlets are publishing their “Best Books of 2014″…MRCA got in the fray ourselves by releasing our Longlist last week. We could list them all here, but thought…why not do something a little different? So, before list fatigue gets you down here are a few different takes on BEST lists for book lovers.

Happy Reading!



BEST BOOK APPS 2014 (Kirkus)
From our amigos at Kirkus Reviews we have this really neat list: Best Book Apps of 2014.  Mostly books but some  informational apps included as well, aimed at kids and adults–and everything is as snazzy and interactive as you’d expect.  [My *singular* beef with this list is that it is entirely for iPad users, which leaves out households such as my own! There is your challenge for next year, folks…find some good stuff for the rest of us to explore. Surely the stuff for Android users can’t ALL be mediocre…right???]

This list includes ebooks of various formats AND apps, as well as fiction, nonfiction, childrens and adults. The award winners will be announced mid-January, but in the meantime here is a great list of titles to get your feet wet.

Useful to know: an “ebook” and a “book app” are different. A book app is for the most part a stand alone, whiz bang, interactive version of a book. An ebook is simply an electronic copy of a book (the features-like highlighting and such- are in the software you use to read the book, not part of the book itself). Confused? Here’s a nice concise explanation and handy-dandy infographic found at



Apps for Reading 2014 (Washington Post)
Brief yet powerful! Read about several subscription services for reading on your device of choice as well as the as the awesome free service used by most public libraries.

Best Apps for Books, Comics and Manga 2014 (Open Education Database)
This is a great list, with reading apps for both Apple and Android users and includes comics and manga too…which you know are ideal for digital AND can be incredibly smart, engaging and well written.


Best Book Covers of 2014 (Flavorwire)
Book covers. How many times have you NOT chosen a book based solely on the cover, or assumed it was awful (or awesome!) due to the same?

–The best covers according to the New York Times

–The best covers according to Paste Magazine


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