About Renee

Reference + Archives Librarian at McArthur Library in Biddeford, Maine. She has served on the MRCA Committee since it was founded.

Dog days + book buzzin’

We hope you are enjoying this glorious summer, and thankfully there is still plenty of it left to enjoy!┬áJuly and August are prime beach reading months in Maine, and there are still many great books to throw in the ol’ boat-and-tote and enjoy al fresco. It’s just….what do you feel like reading? The good people […]

We [heart] debut authors

OKAY, so I’m sure everyone is starting to overload on the myriad “Best Of…” reading lists that are coming out just in time for the holiday shopping season. I know, me too! [*the librarian says guiltily*] …sometimes it feels like there are almost too many to keep up with. (Though I love seeing whether or […]

Kirkus posts “Best of 2013” list

So the fine folks over at Kirkus have released their “Best Fiction of 2013” list, and my favorite part is they pull from all kinds of genres…so it’s a really nicely rounded list. You’ll find many of the same titles on the MRCA 2014 Long List, which we recently posted. Personally, I found several of […]